Establishment of Toupargel Surgeles
1969 - 1981
Since 1969, Toupargel Frozen Foods has developed the direct sale of frozen foods to individuals using store vans
Establishment of Toupargel SA by Roland Tchenio, following the acquisition of Toupargel Surgeles
1983 - 1997
A strategic change in operational focus is undertaken: to make Toupargel a specialist in sales to individuals by phone, with order preparation in dedicated platforms and delivery within 48 to 72 hours, and to develop the Group through acquisitions. Toupargel acquires more than 40 French frozen food distribution companies, and confirms its expertise in integrating companies and businesses.
Toupargel SA shares begin trading on the Second Marche in December. Total annual sales: €85 mn
Launching of fresh foods and groceries business

Change in dimension: Toupargel SA acquires the Frigedoc company (Agrigel brand), the leading distributor of frozen foods to individuals through home delivery service (€240 mn in sales).

This acquisition enables Toupargel, with total sales of €362 mn, to become the leading player in this market segment, as well as covering all of France.

2004 - 2005

A period of convergence for Toupargel and Agrigel. Synergies between the companies enable the optimisation of the Group's functional activities: purchasing, quality, marketing, logistics, IT... and significantly improved earnings.

Two new order preparation platforms are commissioned (in Argentan and Montauban).

Launch of the Toupargel brand, with the ice cream product range.


A single team, brand name, organisation and business model for the Group's Frozen Foods business. End of the logistics re-organisation in mid-2006, resulting in lower costs. Standardisation of employee compensation terms and Group agreements.2010


Launch of the toupargel.fr“Frozen Foods” e-commerce website

2014 Acquisition of Eismann France and Le Comptoir du Surgelé.


Change in Governance. Romain Tchénio becomes Chairman & CEO